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Ergonomics and Workplace Consultation

The Rolfing® Works ergonomic approach provides body-use solutions that allow you to realize the benefit from furniture and equipment solutions you already have in place. The Rolfing Works approach is simple to learn, amazingly practical, and easily transferable to the particular demands of your job.

In just a few hours everyone at your place of business will have new body-based tools for increased comfort and productivity:

  • Learn basic, easy-to-use principles of body usage

  • Learn how to sense the dynamics of your body as it interacts with your furniture and tasks

  • Learn how to use body awareness to monitor and modify the way you work for increased comfort

Invest in productivity and drive down costs associated with lost productivity from pain.

Contact us to learn how easily Rolfing can work at your place of business.

The video above shows how Starkey Labs used Rolfing to heal workers’ injuries, increase productivity, and dramatically lower workmen’s compensation costs. 

“As an arborist, my job takes its toll on my body. I consider Rolfing as the technique that allows me to work without aches & pains. I first came to Russell after hurting my back 4 years ago and I continue to visit once a month to keep my body in tune. Now my whole crew gets rolfed once a month and it is company policy!”

Stephen Cornrad, Certified Arborist, Owner Urban Forrester Tree Service
Stephen Cornrad, owner of Urban Forrester Tree Service performs amazingly skillful work in the trees. A few years ago he injured his low back. Rolfing helped minimize the impact of his injury and continues to keep him in balance.