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Rolfing Movement Integration

Did you know your body’s movement patterns shape its physical structure? You become what you do. The more efficiently you move, the more energized you feel.

What is Rolfing movement® work?
Rolfers understand that form and function are inseparable. Rolfing movement work is a lesser-known, yet essential part of Rolfing Structural Integration that emphasizes the kinetic, or motion aspects of our body.  During the Rolfing process we explore the movements in your daily life. This helps to chart the course for your Rolfing sessions. Before and after each session there is a chance to discuss, and experiment with, new ways of being and moving. Russell has advanced training in movement analysis and can help you create smoother, more efficient movement patterns.

Dedicated movement sessions can be used to re-pattern habitual ways of moving that are slow to change. Applying a sharper focus brings greater awareness and new movement options.

On-site visits turn your workplace into a real-life lab where we can explore your movement and develop solutions that address the specifics where they occur.