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Past Workshops

Advanced Body Reading, Assessment & Session Planning

Advanced Body Reading, Assessment, and Session Planning

This Course offers individualized supervision in a group formant.  Each participant will have the opportunity to interact and explore in detail their way of assessing, planning, executing and evaluating the results of sessions.  Russell will present and demonstrate his simple and unique way creating confirmation between the steps of seeing (static posture and in movement), hands-on assessment and palpation, doing the session, evaluating the response, and the overall results.  Supervised sessions with class partner and group discussions are a part of the course.

Russell Stolzoff’s style of teaching is personal and group oriented.  He is passionate about the unique perspective of Structural Integration and way it transforms people’s function and experience of embodiment.  Over the course of his 26 years as a Rolfer he has developed simple ways of perceiving and effectively treating the most important issues clients present.

Limited to 10 participants  |  $200 Deposit to reserve space in the course.  |  $450 if Registered before March 15th! 

Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  April 29, 2016 – May 1, 2016   |  9:00AM – 6:00 PM PST  |  3 RISI Manipulation Credits  |  Cost: $595  

**This course can be offered in your location.  Contact Russell to arrange details: ** 

Advanced Rolfer™ Training

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March 13, 2016 Webinar : Creating Successful Therapeutic Relationships

Creating Successful Therapeutic Relationships:  Online Webinar

In this brief and informative online seminar, Russell will describe the essential components of establishing and maintaining relationships with clients in the Structural Integration context. You will learn simple and easy to implement steps that will help you start client relationships off on the right foot, and make dynamic adjustments that better serve your clients and you.

Russell Stolzoff has been a Rolfing SI practitioner for 26 years and a Rolf Institute instructor for 13 years. His extensive studies in body psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing have helped him craft a simple and humanistic approach to creating positive therapeutic relationships. He enjoys sharing these ideas and seeing practitioners put them to use easily and effectively.

Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  March 13, 2016  |  10:00AM-11:30PM PST  |  Cost: $50    

Revisit, Refine, and Advance the 10-Series

In this seminar series of three 6-day periods, a small group of practitioners (limited to 8) will have the rare opportunity to come together to revisit, refine, and advance their ability to effectively deliver the results clients seek from the 10-Series.    Together we will delve into the 10-Series, share perspectives, and learn from each other while taking a client through a basic series of sessions. 
Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  RISI CE Credits: 18 manipulation credits  |  May 30 – June 5; Aug 1 – Aug 7; Oct 10 -16, 2014  |  Bellingham, WA

The Art of Rolfing® Structural Integration

This 3­-day workshop offers an opportunity to explore and develop these elements of perception and skill, and receive personalized supervision at a relaxed pace.  Participants will be introduced to a style of Structural Integration that will improve their ability to profoundly affect the body from simple, easy-to-access places in the superficial fascia that connects with deeper layers.  Strategies that utilize long lever techniques to connect through the arms and legs to the core and spine will frame the opportunity to practice assessing and addressing the specific needs of each participant.
Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  RISI CE Credits: 3 Manipulation Credits  |  June 22-24, 2012  |  Bellingham, WA                                                                            
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Embodying Continuity and Integration through Joint Relationships

In this course Russell presents a theory of soft tissue joint manipulation and a range of associated methods- from following the flow of inherent motion, to using deep, direct pressure to free restrictions – that can be used to achieve better balance and function across joints.  The intended goal is to further the ability to ‘perceive and treat as a one’ whole-body patterns that include soft tissue strains, bones and joint relationships.
Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  April 21-24, 2012  |  Folly Beach, SC                                                                                                                 
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