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Rolfing and Posture

Even life-long postural habits can be dramatically improved with Rolfing. The Rolfing process systematically realigns the segments of your body structure and teaches you how to maintain balanced positions during your daily activities.

Good posture results from a well aligned, balanced structure. Posture that requires attention or effort to maintain will never be sustained– as soon as you stop thinking about it you slip back into a misaligned position.

Do you ever wonder if your poor posture is caused by laziness? Perhaps you can still hear the critical voice of an adult telling you to “Stand up straight!”.

Rolfing takes a more useful, positive  approach that begins with the knowledge that change is possible in our bodies and in physical behaviors such as posture.

  • First we distinguish between structural restrictions and limiting habits.

  • Next we work to release, balance and realign the structure.

  • Then, as your structure improves, we teach you how to recognize and maintain better, balanced positions.

Better posture naturally flows from your realigned body when you practice your new understanding of how supported balance works.

Rolfing is famous for its positive effects on posture. Schedule a free consultation today!