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The Rolfing® 10-Series

Session 1: Breath and the Ribcage 
The first session is devoted to enhancing the quality of breath with work on the arms, ribcage and diaphragm.  Opening is also started along the upper leg, hamstrings, neck and spine.

Session 2: Support Through the Feet
The second session helps give the body a stable foundation by balancing the foot and muscles of the lower leg.

Session 3: Length up the Sides
Lengthening the sides means opening up the space between the lower ribs and the pelvis.  The low-back, often a source of imbalance, can find freedom of movement and a greater sense of ease.

Session 4: Opening the Bottom of the Core
The core begins at the inner arch and continues up through the pelvic floor along the anterior spine to the head and neck.  Session four works with the arch, inner leg and pelvic floor to achieve a ‘base’ of support for everything above it.

Session 5: Continuing Through the Pelvis
Every session tries to ‘horizontals the pelvis.’  In session five, we focus completely on this goal by opening the hips and lower belly.

Session 6: Giving Space to Sacrum
As the pelvis opens from below and through the front, the Sacrum in the back has started to feel a new sense of potential.  This ‘sacred bone’ is really the bottom of the spine and by giving it space, the spine can start to feel longer and more free.

Session 7: How the Head Balances it All
Now that the pelvis is more settled, we must balance the ‘upper pole’ over it.  The head, neck and chest need their own sense of direction and support for the system to feel complete.

Session 8: Integration Begins
Now that the body is more aligned in gravity, we must give it dynamic balance.  We start to revisit areas of particular stress to promote a greater ease of movement across the whole system.

Session 9: Integration Across the Body
Motion through the body is best balanced when it crosses to the other side of the body.  This ‘contra-lateral’ movement gives fluidity and power to the body.

Session 10: Balance the Horizontals
The ankles, knees, hips, waist, chest, shoulders and cranium are sections of the body where movement gets restricted.  Session ten looks to bring the series to a close by opening these horizontals and balancing them.