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Rolfing® and Athletic Performance

Whether you’re dedicated to your fitness, just getting into shape, or seeking improved athletic performance, Rolfing® will enhance the results of your efforts.

Rolfing works on shortened muscles and connective tissues that result from from too little activity or too much repetitious activity. Both extremes cause muscles to shorten, compress, and compromise fluid movement. Rolfing decompresses your body, restores suppleness, and realigns muscle connections across the joints so your body stays balanced and moves fluidly.

Brian Orser, olympic silver medalist figure skater describes the wonderful sense of lightness he felt right after the first session: “I felt compact and totally in control. I had Increased energy, better balance, and extra agility.” 

Even though many dedicated athletes have heard about Rolfing, it sometimes takes a while before they are willing to give it a try. You are always welcome to get in touch with us, even if you just want information, or to discuss if Rolfing might be right for you. There is no obligation.