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March 13, 2016 Webinar : Creating Successful Therapeutic Relationships

Creating Successful Therapeutic Relationships:  Online Webinar

In this brief and informative online seminar, Russell will describe the essential components of establishing and maintaining relationships with clients in the Structural Integration context. You will learn simple and easy to implement steps that will help you start client relationships off on the right foot, and make dynamic adjustments that better serve your clients and you.

Russell Stolzoff has been a Rolfing SI practitioner for 26 years and a Rolf Institute instructor for 13 years. His extensive studies in body psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing have helped him craft a simple and humanistic approach to creating positive therapeutic relationships. He enjoys sharing these ideas and seeing practitioners put them to use easily and effectively.

Instructor: Russell Stolzoff  |  March 13, 2016  |  10:00AM-11:30PM PST  |  Cost: $50    Register Now