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Steph Thurman Certified Rolfer™

Steph Thurman-Moore, Certified Rolfer™ 

Steph Thurman-Moore is a Bay Area Native and Certified Rolfer. She began a career in bodywork in 2009 and interned in the physical therapy setting helping clients with post surgical rehabilitation of joint surgery and replacement.  Steph joined Rolfing®Works in 2013.

Her commitment to provide the highest level of care led her to train at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration where she gained a deeper understanding about how to help people get out of pain and find more ease in the things they love to do.

Prior to becoming a Rolfer, Steph was as an environmental educator and youth worker. She continues to find opportunities to work with youth outdoors and is excited to introduce more children to the benefits of Rolfing.

“Steph is extremely tuned in to my body, she knows exactly what needs to be worked on. Steph was able to figure out what parts of my body needed work. She is very personable, knowledgeable, and intuitive with her work. After just a few sessions with Steph, I was able to center my body to a point I never knew was possible. As a classical guitarist, this is extremely important. I am able to sit and play for longer and with ease.”

J.F., Sunnyvale, CA, Professional Musician

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